Elizabeth Tran, Principal Investigator


Sara Cloutier, Research Assistant

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RNA biology has moved to the forefront of  life science research in recent years.  This is well understood with the central dogma, where messenger RNA serves as a key intermediate between genes and the final protein product, but has also been extended with the discovery of regulatory RNAs such as microRNAs and long non-coding RNAs. Research in the Tran laboratory centers on the molecular basis for gene regulation at the RNA level. This research is conducted on three separate but overlapping scientific areas: 1.  understanding the mechanisms of RNA helicases, 2.  defining roles of long non-coding RNAs and 3. pinpointing RNA-based processes whose misregulation results in cancer.  The Tran lab uses a combination of biochemistry, molecular biology, and bioinformatics to address key questions in each research area.  This multidisciplinary approach allows for new insights and novel discoveries in RNA biology.  Moreover, the Tran lab provides an exceptional training environment for graduate students and postdocs wishing to pursue careers focused on RNA biology and links to disease.

purdue university, department of biochemistry